New Yamaha Controller Montage debuts at Musik Messe 2015

Montage? Modular? With 32 channels to DAW?

Is the Montage the mass consumer version of Nuage? Or, is it a new workstation with deeper DAW integration?

Know what many on here would like to see, a dedicated control surface for cubase based on a cut down Nuage! :sunglasses:

do you have a link to the news?

Found it on gearslutz, intriguing…!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

A MAJOR update/grade to my two Yamaha/Steinberg n12’s would indeed be nice.

Where the hardware/DAW and the software are designed to work seamlessly.


I used to have one of them. :slight_smile:

Yamaha announced this. Its for live sound though. Tf series consoles.