New Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver version 2.1.1 for Windows

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver for Windows.
The driver update solved a problem in which a blue screen was caused when using the AXR4U at 96khz or higher and some minor problems have been solved.
Please find the YSUSB Driver here

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

I’m getting the “Cubase poofs away” when this new driver is installed in my UR28M.

The problem may not be the updated driver though, as I only found my way to it because while Cubase was running I inadvertently disconnected my Microsoft Surface from the USB hub that had my UR28M and USB e-licenser attached, which prevented me from running Cubase Pro 11 when the UR28M was selected as the audio device (problem still not resolved, but maybe that’s for another thread).

Unfortunately, I have a problem with this driver and UR22mkII. With 2.0.3 as well. Approximately every 5 minutes, the “USB” LED flashes and and sound break.

Windows 11Pro, AMD Ryzen 5 2600, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

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Only reinstalling Windows11 helped me.

it sucks bro… did you perform a full win 11 reinstall? like format all your drives for it to stop sound breaking?

Having issues with this driver - audio stopped working intermittently. Light on interface stays on. Reverted to 2.04 & everything fine again. (Win 10 64 3.4ghz 32 Gb ram. UR22Mkii)

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ou I should have the previous at hand just in case, I was about to update… have a similar configuration with a UR28M

Hello, new driver 2.1.1 doesn’t work well, when i launch guitar pro or cubase driver had been stopped work. Windows 11 and ur12, revert to 2.0.4 Fix this issue in new driver.

Hello Stefan,

foa I like to thank you for your effort and work.

Right now I am setting up a new Win 11 Machine as my DAW, running Cubase Pro 12 - 12.0.20
attached to a Yamaha UR 22. I just used during the setup the newest available driver versions, so I installed the USB Driver 2.1.1 from Steinberg Website, expecting all running smooth on the new system.
But I had to realize after installing all Cubase Software, all third party Plug’s like NATIVE and EVENTIDE stuff, that the complete setup works not as expected on my “old” DAW Machine!

I expected the following behaviour in my sound enviroment:

  1. I can start my Firefox und play a YouTube Video routed through my onboard Realtek Soundcard in combination with the provided Stereomix routed into my UR22 as Playback Device to take advantage of the Realtek EQ for this trunk of sound.
    Also it was possible to grab that YouTube Playback from the Realtek Stereomix and deliver it to my Wave-Editor for recording purposes.
  2. While doing this, it was NEVER a problem running all this above and then fire up Cubase, load a project and start the playback same time all mentioned above also playing back.
    At last I had 3 different Audio instances simultaneously running without problems.

With the new ASIO Driver Release 2.1.1 which I had installed I ran into BIG problems. Every time I had my Browser in YT playback mode and after that starting Cubase 12 the UR 22 Outputs got stucked and delivers no sound anymore. Even closing all Applications and restart won’t fix the Output of the UR 22 again. First I managed to do a full restart of Win 11 to get it to work again.

This behaviour drove me nearly insane, cause I expected the problem either in the updated Cubase 12.0.20 (Dolby Athmos) Update, or inside the new Realtek Audio on Board my new DAW Machine.
(f.y.i. the original installed Realtek Audio Console including Drivers won’t provide EQ no more, so there’s replacement of the actual driver’s also needed).

After hours of resignation and a complete new FULL INSTALL of Windows 11, hours of donwloading and installing the required Software the Problem still remains. The start of Cubase while other Applications running sound causes the Outputs of the UR 22 to crash.

I tried a different approach: Instead of rebooting the Machine I just deactivate and reactivate the UR 22 Outputs in the Sound Settings of Windows 11 - and surprise: All was working as expected, Cubase can play , YouTube can play and my Wave Editor could grab both signals simultaneously!
But this deactivate and activate procedure was the only solution and not acceptable.

So I had a brainstorm before I went to sleep and there was a thougth: Hey - your old DAW machine was running a older driver version for the UR 22 for sure. This morning I checked the version Numbers - and yes, the old one where all was running smothly used the 2.0.3 Version of the ASIO driver.

I downloaded the older Version, deinstalled the new 2.1.1 Version, reinstalled the 2.0.3 and BOOM - everything works as expected. It is now possible to open all audio sources and do a playback in different orders WITHOUT killing the UR 22 Out’s!

So I was expecting a new ASIO Driver would bring more than less features to my DAW, cause of crashing while opening multiple audio sources/instances the same time.

I spent day’s in hell of installing and reinstalling, optioning all possible options without any positive result. Only the fall back to the older ASIO Version 2.0.3 solved that problem.

My question is: Why is the new driver not capable to behave like the older (2.0.3) ones? Why is there no hint about this strange behaviour? It could have save me a lot of unneeded trouble get the new DAW Machine running and work in the expected way’s?

Thanks for your audience

Joshua - soonar_cw from CRONOWORKS

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I had the exact same problem described, re-installed 2.0.3 and had the original behaviour restored.

Not upgrading to newer drivers till this is fixed.

Your last drivers - peace of shit, you know?