New Year, Same Annual Request: Key Command For Infoline

12 years… So why stop now? :smiley:

There needs to be a key command to bring one directly the the infoline so one can input start/end/length/etc. without mousing.


tab or shift-tab?

Tab or shift tab, what?

At least in -my- Windows universe, those only move between fields once the Infoline ‘form’ is ‘in focus’ as they say in developer-land. There is not (to my knowledge) a kc that instantly moves the cursor TO the Infoline… presumably this would be the first field in that form (ie. an event Name at far left.)

I agree a direct key command is always better, but I have found that I can hit tab a few times and the info line will be in focus.

But +1 to this FR.

And just how, oh all knowing frog, does one =know= that the Infoline is in focus?

Say I have an event selected (or any other screen element for that matter). I can tab until my felt falls off, but on my machines none of the Infoline -fields- actually ‘light up’ to indicate that I’m -there-.

Only by mousing to the Infoline and -clicking- on a field does the whole tabbing thing start to work (rather like a web form).

Again, if I’m missing something, please share.