New You-Tube Channel for VST-LIVE

Dear VST-LIVE-Team,

I recognized that Steinberg is owning for multiple software products seperate video channel which enables users to easy follow new videos and to easy get an overview about existing videos.

Would it be possible to create also a video channel for “VST Live”?

Below please find an overview about existing Steinberg Video Channel:

Background: If you try to find “VST live” related videos it seams at the moment not so user friendly / easy to find all relevant Steinberg Videos. For the future I would be interested to subscribe such an video channel to assure that I will be notified about new videos (knowledge management).

Thanks in advance for your short feedback

  • your great developement work :-).



Hi @SKO,

Thank you for your hint. I guess there are not enough videos for a separate category. But I will inform the colleagues.

See you,