New YouTube channel about Cubase and Sample Libraries

I hope everyone is doing well, despite everything we’ve been living in the last few years.

As a happy Cubase 12, Dorico, Yamaha UR824, and Arius Piano user, I’m taking the liberty to announce my just-released YouTube channel here! :slightly_smiling_face:
Cubase will get used in all episodes, so I thought it would be relevant to let the Community know about it.

In case it’s not allowed, please, delete the thread.
Thanks so much!

Jacques Mathias Oliveira

Hey friends,

I published the second episode yesterday.

Please, help me if you can by subscribing. I think you guys might find it exciting and, hopefully, entertaining. I’ll do my best to publish weekly, but in the first months, it’s more realistic to post only one every two weeks, with sporadic extras here and there.

In this episode, I’m using several Expression Maps (big ones!) and showcasing Cubase’s Midi Editor programming details.

Thanks so much!

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