New YSUSB driver version 1.8.3 for Win/Mac released

Steinberg has released a new Yamaha/Steinberg driver version 1.8.3 for Windows and version 1.8.3 for Mac.
The free update fixes some minor issues and ensures compatibility with Windows 8.1 and MAC OS X 10.9.
Please find the updates here:



Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Bravo! Gonna test it to see if it fixes problems on OSX 10.9
Many thanks!

The links above were resulting in a 404 page. I found the driver update here

As for resolving my issue. :cry: I still have a stuttering audio sounding as though it’s buffering. Others here have said it’s a kernel panic (whatever that is).

So sadly I have to wait. Brand new unit and all it is good for is as a paper weight. :unamused:

I use the new driver with the UR22 and Mavericks. With 1.8.3 there ist no sound with VLC-Player and sometimes iTunes is also muted. By using the intern MacBook Pro Sound everything works fine. I downgraded to version 1.8.1. But with 1.8.1 I have Kernel Panics every day. Please Steinberg-Programmers: make a working driver for UR22 with OSX-Mavericks. :cry: