Bottom right corner, could be a user definable zone/panel that can host multiple utility windows, active plugins, sections of the mediabay, the markers list, etc, etc. This is mostly wasted space here as you can see in the full size picture in the attachments.

Almost everything in the program could have an alternate UI to fit into this new space - everything. The user gets to decide was is here - even a transport panel that has more space and fits all the controls (or whichever controls the user decides)

////Full Image////

What else could be put here? So much…:

-External Video Input (camera in the live room to watch talent/droopy mics)
-Pool (the file pool, not the swimming pool)
-Project Notepad
-Selected Track Notes
-Marker List/Manager
-a mediabay sub directory, for example, a users own recorded drum samples in a directory folder added to favorites could be dragged in as a tab in this new zone.
-Project Time/Location
-A Plugin on a specific track, for instance, I’d love to be able to see my Sonnox Limiter at all times.
-selected track picture
-Cubase Channel Strip of selected track

ready for this???
-a separate magnified zoom that follows the mouse cursor so that you can leave the main project window zoomed out all the way, but still be able to make a precise quick cut simply by taking a glance to this bottom right corner where you can clears see where you are cutting before a peak on a waveform without touching any zoom controls.

-A custom picture as in, a photograph (album art, a visual reminder, family, a motivational meme, cat on synth)
-VU meter with real VU ballistics for selected track, or main master out.
-Cue masters
-big talk back mic
-a Steinberg clock displaying Windows time
-video session link
-detailed performance meters and data (sorting plugins by power usage)
-Paint pallette
-Export window

Almost, everything makes sense in this space. I mean, there ARE times when I’m leaving the export window open and moving around the project, selecting and exporting quickly.

It would be fantastic also, if this box could actually detach to put on another screen, and or, be duplicated onto another screen like how we have Mixer 1, 2, 3.

I like it.

yeah i’m in as well.

I would like to further revise this idea, and add that this corner box should be able to be open without any of the other zones being open,

and that it should also be detatcheable and floated anywhere

I like this! talk about navigation and organizational workflow! With ultra-wide screens being such a norm, there’s available screen real-estate space to utilize if it were to boost workflow.