New Zooming - Play Tab and Key Editor - v4.3.10 (Elements)

Hi - thanks for the update.

I have loaded the DORICOverture demo from the Hub, to do quick testing.

I had already swapped my zooming Shortcuts (G/H) in the Piano Roll/Key Editor to match Cubase; consistency is a good thing for the ol’ muscle memory.! However, with this update, something else now seems to have occurred. These Key Commands no longer have any effect in the upper ‘Play’ area as before - in 4.3.0 this was working well, when the mouse pointer hovered in the area.

I also can’t seem to get a modifier+mouse wheel scroll to zoom horizontally in/out here (upper area) either. Have I missed something in the Key Commands dialog maybe.? Is it just me.? Dragging up/down in the Ruler for horizontal zooming, does still work as expected

SHIFT+ mouse wheel scroll in upper area (when mouse pointer hovers there) works well to scroll the timeline left/right and mouse scrolling alone is fine to scroll the tracks up/down.

I have closed out of Dorico and rebooted a couple of times now. No change.

Further, SHIFT+G/H (v4.3.0) used to be the commands for Vertical zoom out/in (decrease/increase height; lower zone editor only). Now it’s gone to CTRL+SHIFT+G/H

Ok, easy to reset as I wish; but just to note, Cubase default here is SHIFT+G/H


Nope, you’re mistaken about what the shortcuts for vertical zoom were in Dorico 4.3. They were, and continue to be, Ctrl+Shift+G/H. Shift+G and Shift+H already have established functions in Dorico (the figured bass and holds/pauses popovers, respectively).

Try moving your own key commands file out of the way, then run Dorico again and check that the factory key commands work as documented. If they do (and I’m sure they will) you can look at recreating your own shortcuts as you wish.

Indeed, you’re right Daniel - thank you for your quick attention as ever. I’ll chalk this one up to me having had a ‘senior moment’ somewhere, losing track of which shortcuts I’d made.!