Newb having trouble getting started

Zoom r16 interface. Installed and appears to function

Win XP, Cubase LE5
ASIO drivers installed and the Zoom R16 selected as both the playback and recording device in Control Panel

Prior experience:
Setting up a multitrack recording environment: None
Recording as a musician and using equipment already set up; some.
Stereo audio editing (using Goldwave); plenty

Attempting to create my first project. The instuction manual on P25 refers to "Load project called “recording” found in the Tutorial 1 folder (which I can’t see. Never mind).
Am following PDF manual instructions for Tutorial 1. On p27 Setting Levels, part 3, I have the Inspector open and have opened the Channel tab. No level is reading at all. I have an audio signal in both input 1 and 2 of the Zoom and the Zoom meters are responding. On the Cubase Transport Panel, the audio activity (Default Input Channel) meters are also responding.
Record enable is on… still no level showing on the Inspector.
What have I missed?
cubase no audio.jpg

activate the input monitor…

If that’s the monitor button next to the record enable button, it makes no difference

I just watched and it looks so effortless and simple… If only things worked as they are supposed to. I haven’t had any different outcome the other times I’ve tried, also using a different computer. Months have gone by, and I’m still where I’ve started. Time to get this ball rolling.

Correect input selected on the track you want to record on…?

At the top of the Inspector, left click on the track name until you see, about half way down in the inspector, the input (little arrow pointing into an open box) and output (little arrow pointing out of the box) tabs. In my (basic) setup, the input says “Mono In 1” for track one, “Mono In 2” for track 2, etc.

If you left click on the input tab, you should see all the inputs that you have set up in the Devices menu.

In my system, it gives to choose from either “No bus” or “Mono In 1” thru “Mono In 8”.

To check the inputs, go to “Devices” / “VST Connections” and check the input and output tabs.

Is this all set up?

I’ve got Studio 4, not sure if it’s the same as yours.

I was just noticing after veiwing your screenshot, that in my system when I am recording, I have audio activity on the Main Mix Output Channel (R/H meter of the transport panel) instead of the Defaullt Input Channel.

If I record with the monitor selected, I see meter activity in four places, the Main Mix Output (transport panel),
the little meter on the channel itself, the channel meter in the inspector (if open) and the little meter by the channel tab in the inspector.

If I record without the monitor selected, I see no meter activity at all (nowhere)

Then when I playback what I had just recorded with the monitor off, I then get activity in all four places again.

I’m not saying this is right, as I would think there would be activity in the default input channel meter like you have, but I’ve been recording like this fine.


the Tutorial instructions weren’t overtly clear on setting the track’s inputs