Newb here,just downloaded the newest ver have few questions

first i’m new to Ipads in general, and cubasis looks very cool, waiting for my order of UR44 interface and camera kit to arrive to play with controller keyboard :slight_smile:)
1: i have an ipad4 with bluetooth small (typing)keyboard inside an ipad case, try to control cubasis with it (as with cubase start,stop, copy paste etc…) with no success… is it possible at all ?

2:i try to play with instrument GUI keyboard and knobs connected with interapp… lets say on nanologues keyboard while cubasis is recording, but no midi data is recorded… its blank. is it possible to play own interapp instrumen keys and controls and record that to cubasis ? (i see some info on cubasis 1.8 but its not clear to me )

3:i’m sure i had a third Q but it evaporated from my mind !(no sleep here from all those apps :ugeek: )

Edit:3.2- is it possible to make an audio loop in musical mode to sync with project tempo ?