Newb needs help please

Windows 10 64 bit
Ryzen 5, 3.9 Ghz
16gb DDR4 2400mhz ram
No sound card, using desktop speakers

UR12 audio interface (hardware)

Cubase LE AI Elements 10 (software)

BC rich Mick sig guitar

This software all jibberish to me. I just want to plug in my guitar to the UR12 interface console, open Cubase (that came with the purchase of the UR12) and hear my guitar through my pc speakers. I can’t, for the life of me find ANYTHING on the internet on how to hear my guitar thru my desktop speakers. Please tell me how, or how to set it up STEP by Step as i have NEVER used Cubase before or ever heard of this software in my life before buying the UR12. Opening up Cubase is like a 2 year old opening the bible. Its all jibberish and doesn’t mean anything as he doesn’t understand it.

I used to use a guitar port line 6 or something years ago. I would open guitar rig (or something) and voila …it worked. I could hear myself play , with amps and effects ect. thru my pc speakers. That’s all i want!

Please HELP!!



This is not possible. You can use only one ASIO driver. So if your Input Audio device is UR12, your Output Audio Device has to be also UR12. The only one solution would be to install multi-client ASIO emulation, for example ASIO4ALL. You lose all UR12 specific features, but you can use multiple Audio Devices within one ASIO driver.