Newb question

When i open a new project it has certain tracks with presets that have a picture of the instrument
These tracks also have certain inserts already loaded as well. One i’ve noticed is Steinberg Bass.
I can’t find these anywhere so that i can add another preset track.
Are they hidden or can someone tell me how to find them.

Try this, for example, to load another bass audio track preset:
Project - Add Track - Audio - press Browse and a subset of the Media Bay will open - under Category select Bass - under Style select Rock/Metal.
In the right hand panel you should see a list of track presets to choose from. These include different insert VST’s and EQ settings according to the choice. Choose one and press Add Track. An audio track with various settings for recording or playing back bass will be created in your project.
If you want to add a picture to this new track double click in the bottom left of the track panel (in the equivalent position to where you see the instruments shown in the other tracks) and this will open the Track Pictures Browser to select from.
Explore around and you’ll soon get a feel for how it works. Good Luck!

Thanks T-bag.
The track presets in Project Templates are different to the stuff in the normal browser.
The work round is to open a new project as one of the production menus say Rock recording.Then, save one of the tracks as a preset.