NEWB: SL8 In Cubase Pro as Multiband Split of tracks

Hi All
I am just exploring SL8 and wanting to do a fairly simple thing:

BACKGROUND: Recording complex single instrument - Meinl subwoofer cajon has 45hz kick note and snare etc…a drum kit in a box really

PROPOSED: I normally work on instruments like this by duplicating the track and applying a crossover to each track ie
Track 1 = Bass freq and lp applied @ 100hz
Track 2 = The rest

This allows me to do very quick treatment and get the kick to really work.

HOW do I do this in spectral layers? What I mean is, as I target the 2 parts…they duplicates are pointing at the same source. I basically just want a copy with <100hz on track 1 and >100hz on track 2 but obviously I edit the first layer and its all dependent


Did you try selecting the frequency range and cut to new layer?

Yes that all works but when I modify that layer it affects the original even though…in normal plug apply it creates its own history per clip. Oh well…seems you have to drag the clip back to the timeline and bounce.