Newb Type Question

new to 7.5. when I drag/copy some midi events from an instrument track to an empty area in the project it loads another instance of whatever instrument was on the track that I dragged it from, but I dont want it to do that, I just want to copy the events to a track without assigning or loading an instrument. Can someone tell me where that setting is to adjust that behavior? I hope I explained it right.

So what I’m saying is, right now if I have some events on a track that is assigned to a synth, it loads another instance of that synth when I drag the events to an empty area, but I just want it to create an empty midi or instrument track with the copied events without loading another instance of the synth where I dragged it from.

Thanks in advance!

Just add a midi track and then copy the part to said midi track. Ctrl+Alt+m then enter. Takes 2 seconds. :slight_smile:

thanks, I guess that’s a simple enough solution.

Hi All

You can also set up a Macro to do this

Select all on track
Add new midi track
Paste at Origin

or something like that

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