Newbe question.. . please help

HI, I have owned cubase for years and never used it. NOw I would like to setup a sort of "Jamm track / tracks, that could record and serve as base for future compositions… YOu know just fooling around keeping it in case.

I only now realised Groove agent can play a drum track of my choice all on its own. IS there a way I could have another instrument, say a piano or Halion, follow that groove and play along a set of chords ?

If that can be done, please refer me to any document thta describes this or tel me how.
Being new to this I pretty much ne a step by step guide… atleast for now.

ANybody care to help ?


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The easiest way I think, is to use the Chord Track.

  1. Create A Chord Track.
  2. Take the pencil tool and enter some chords.
  3. Create an Instrument track that you want to accompany you.
  4. Provide one bar of the groove. (See below for alternatives.)

Select the MIDI part.

Fill Loop with MIDI part. (Edit → Functions → Fill Loop)

Go to the Inspector. In the Chords section of the keys track, select Follow Chord Track: Chords & Scales

Click OK

Ready to jam on the Jam Track. The Keys track will play the recorded groove, and follow the chord changes.


A. A silly method.

  1. Make sure Monitored Tracks is activated on Chord Track, and that you have your accompaniment track record enabled.
  2. Enter as many chord events as you need to imitate a rhythm. Each chord entry will play back on its own, with no data entered into the Keys track.
  3. Select all chord events, drag and drop them to the keys track. Now you have the groove as midi data on your Keys track.

Note: If you don’t erase all the chords afterwards, and then you record enable the jam track to play with, the jam track will play back all those chords too. If you still need the chords on the chord track for reference, you can temporarily mute the chord track. Your accompaniment (now sitting as midi data in the “Keys” track will still play back no problem.

B. Use whatever.

  1. Provide the groove by dragging & dropping from Groove Agent. (or any appropriate MIDI loop you might have)
  2. Continue as usual. Follow Chord Track, Chords & Scales, Synchronize Track Data with Chord Track First - Analyze Chords, OK.

Note: It goes without saying that using the drum loop as a MIDI groove, although interesting, is not expected keyboard accompaniment.


don’t know how to thank you ! Exactly what I was looking for !<
Can I mow you lawn, cook you a meal ?

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No thanks, I’ve got to keep in shape! Don’t hesitate to ask anything, there are many helpful guys around here, and they know an awful lot!

that is one of the most detailed and well presented answers to any question I’ve seen on any forum anywhere. You Sir (or Madam) are an awesome human :slight_smile:


No problem Simon!