Newbee Cubase LE User - Menu Text Color can't see

Hi there, I’m new to the Forum so hi. I just installed Cubase LE8 on a windows PC. I could do with some help.

Problem 1: When I open Cubase LE8 the menu bar at the top of the screen is Black in color, the text on the menu bar is also black so you can’t read it ??? When I click on for example “File Menu” , the Text changes to white with a blue background colour … the problem is I end up guessing where the menus are as I can’t see them until I click on them.

Question - I would like the Menu Bar to be Grey with black text, is this possible as I cant see anything in the preferences section to change this.

The whole windows thing is so confusing, the cubase window is one element, the project another, transport bar another and they move all over the place, is it possible to lock them down together???

Hi and welcome!

For problem number 1: Is the window maximized? Try to restore it so it is not. (double click on the menu/title bar)

The title and menu bar colors are controlled in Windows. You’ll need to post your system specs so people can answer intelligently.