Newbee questions

New to Dorico, but have used Guitar Pro and MuseScore 4. Questions:
1/Only one ukulele is in the instrument library with one standard tuning. For my low G tuned uke, I altered the tuning and I can use the chord diagrams for standard tuning. Is there a way to save this instrument with the new name and tuning for future use in new projects? Also, would like to create Baritone Uke with its different tuning for future use.
2/ In Guitar Pro, if you add a chord diagram, it automatically displays in the notation and the tablature. Is this possible?
Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forum, @dawmd512.

You can’t yet create your own instrument types in Dorico for re-use in future projects, I’m afraid, though this is definitely something we are planning to add. In the meantime, you can save a project template with your personalised settings in it, and then start new projects from that template.

In Dorico Pro (though not in Elements, SE or Dorico for iPad) you can use Generate Notes from Chord Symbols to create realisations of chord symbols on instruments in your score, and if a chord diagram is shown, Dorico can use that as the basis of the voicing for fretted instruments like guitar and ukulele.

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