Newbee to Cubase

I’m thinking about getting Cubase 7, I have a 10.9 Mac Pro, Motu UltraliteMk3 audio interface, studio Logic VMK176plus and Maschine 2.0. I want to know if any of you guys have a major problems with it.

Any help will be Appreciated.

Come on guys… Nobody running Mac 10.9 with Cubase 7 ?

Aloha F,

There are some users doing this with various amounts of
‘anecdotal’ success.
(a quick search will reveal some info on this)

Tho’ Steiny does recommend not using Cubase 7 with Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks,
many of these reports/posts have been on the positive side.

Existing probs seem to be with 3rd party stuff (drivers etc)

Still waiting for the ‘all clear’ (on 3 fronts) here as well.


It appears most problems are with audio interface drivers. Check if someone somewhere has tried your MOTU interface on Maverick already.

Waiting on Yamy to clear my Steinberg/Yamaha n12.

Here is a link to a list that includes Yamaha Windows/PC stuff as well as Mac.

I’m running the latest drivers, don’t have any problems with Maschine and Reason 7. I will buy it next week and keep my fingers plus toes crosss. Motu runs pretty stable, so I guest I’ll be fine :bulb: