Newbie#2: How-To get my guitar on both L and R channels


Just can’t seem to get this basic thing done: I recorded my guitar well. But when playing back, it is only on the Right audio channel. When I pan it to the right there is no audible effect, when I pan it to the left the sound mutes.

What must I do to make this mono-channel pannable on Left and Right?


Set your output connections correctly>

And are you sure, you recorded to a mono track…?

Thanks for your replies. I’m quite lost here, let me explain…

I record through a Tascam US122MK2. I can set it to Mono or Stereo. Regardless of which I chosse, I get to see in the “Audio Activity (Default Input Channel)” a led bar going up and down as I play. So the audio reaches Cubase.

(A) I can add an audio track, and set it to configuration Mono (and speakers will be: M). When I record now, I still get the audio activity led bar going up & down, but nothing is recorded in the new track.

(B) I can add an audio track, and set it to configuration Stero (and speakers will be: LR). When I record now, I still get the audio activity led bar going up & down, and yes the guitar is recorded in the new track. But only on one channel.

The above two test have the same result, regardless of the Mono/Stereo setting on the Tascam.

When I open the mixer, the track I recorded with (B) is shown. I do see in the stereo led bar that only one channel is going up and down. Also, when I dubble-click on the track there’s only one graph, not two. So it is definitely a mono track.

The guitar is a mono instrument so that is okay, it’s just that I want to be able to pan it across Left and Right (and in the future maybe add stereo effects like chorus and delay).

My guess is that I should be able to record a mono track like I tried in (A), just can’t see where it is going wrong in Cubase.

My Device Setup is: VST Audio System | US122-MK2 |: L and R input, L and R output, all active and visible.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Well, then you simply have not chosen the correct input for the mono audio track in the inspector. Choose the bus you have connected to the interface´s hardware input connected to your guitar.

No, it´s definitely a stereo track, with only a mono signal recorded on it. Since mono = one channel / signal, but stereo track = two channel, you only hear on side, since one signal can only be recorded on one side of a 2 channel track. (That´s not the real and absolute truth, but in your case that´s the problem with 99,99% certainty)

It´s not really going wrong in Cubase, but your head, with the input assignment section of the audio track in the inspector.

Hi thinkingcap,

Well that’s a relief… “there’s nothing wrong in Cubase, but in your head”… LOL

Anyway, you’re the best, because you solved the problem. I had to set it to the Right channel though.

One last question… why on Earth are we talking English?

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Sorry, but I think you know what I meant… :wink:

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sitting duck change your vst connections to mono — click here

and your project page should look something like this click here

I still have a Tascam 144 and had the same problems
Try to record in mono then mix in stereo as much as possible

hope this helps

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