Newbie alert

Just a general question from a newcomer, hoping it’s just an easy yes or no. I’ve recorded a bunch of projects using Cubase 8 AI I think (the free one), I’ve recently purchased Cubase Artist 10 (still waiting for the licence to come from Germany, 3 weeks now), wondering if the Cubase 8 AI files are easily transferrable to Cubase Artist 10 with no limitations on functionality, or is this not realistic? Like I said, I’m new to this, so it may be considered a stupid question, but any information is appreciated.

Yes you just open the projects using C10artist, there should be no issues.

Awesome thanks. I was a little concerned as I’ve done a substantial amount of work on the files while waiting for this licence to show up, would hate to think it’s all in vain. Thanks again.

Also… remember that CB Artist 10 will not recognize any non-64 bit VSTs you used in CB 8 AI. However there are probably workarounds for this.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I feared this might happen. I’m trying to open my old files from Cubase 8 ai in my new Cubase 10 artist and i’m getting the following message: elicenser control error. application “sweet spot morphing channel strip vst 3” has caused the following error: elicenser contains no valid license for this application. options: 1. for trouble shooting information click help (there is no help to click), click licences to view available licenses, connect a valid elicenser and click retry, click cancel to abort.
In Cubase 8 ai I only used stock Cubase vst’s, I don’t know what this sweet spot morphing channel strip is. is there a work around for this? Frustrated. Note, trying to open Cubase 8 ai files brings up the above error message and then crashes Cubase 10.

If anyone has the same problem, I think I’ve got this sorted. I had to go into every old file and delete any mention of anything even remotely suggesting morphing and save. I can only assume that the morphing plug in from Cubase AI 8, was 32 bit (?) maybe, as suggested by Prock. I was then able to open the files, use them and save them in Cubase 10 artist.