Newbie can't copy and paste MIDI track


Moved from Sonar and am new to Cubase.

This is dumb, and I know I’m missing something simple.

I’m trying to copy (Ctrl+C) a MIDI track to another MIDI track and when pasting (Ctrl+V) the pasted track is off timing by almost a bar and nowhere near the beats.

Any ideas appreciated!

Follow up:

I’m only having this trouble on tracks that seem to be beginning their recording BEFORE beat one of bar one! See attached image. Never seen this before. What setting did I screw up?

Follow up #2:

After splitting each offending track at “0” on its timeline and deleting the “pre-0” events (see image above) all seems well and behaves as it should (copying and pasting work as they should).

Why is Cubase recording events BEFORE beat one? Or did I somehow move the entire track to the left PAST beat one?

Any insight would be appreciated!

Haven’t had this in any subsequent projects. I have no idea what I did. Thanks to those of you who took the time to read these posts!