[newbie] controlling the positioning of instances of a paragraph style

I’ve created a paragraph style X for a special type of text expressions. I have included a few of them in my score and would like to influence their positioning globally (ideally: relative-to-staff-positioning, but absolute would be OK, too). I first investigate Engrave -> Paragraph Styles -> X. I see no positioning option there. I then realise that there might be a justification for this: most of the options presented there concern parameters of the text inside the paragraph and formatting of the whole paragraph, and not the paragraph’s positioning itself. I click on an instance of X. I see that among the Local Properties -> Common there’s ‘offset’ by means of which I can modify the absolute position of the expression. I decide to click ‘Set local properties globally’ and modify the Y offset from 0 to -2. The expression I’m modifying changes its location; however, despite the ‘global’ setting’ just mentioned, all other instances of X keep their position (and the Y offset 0). So I guess I don’t understand the ‘globality’ of the setting: I assumed it would concern all text expressions in the given paragraph style, but I was mistaken.

Could the experts here give me a hint regarding how to modify the positioning of all instances of a given paragraph style? Thanks in advance!

The local/global option for properties applies to individual items, rather than all items of the same type. It controls whether subsequent changes you make to local properties only apply in the current layout (e.g. only moving something in the score, but not the part) or applies in all layouts (e.g. changing the style of gradual dynamics in the score and part). Properties only ever affect items that are currently explicitly selected.

If you wanted to change the offset of a lot of text items at the same time, you must select them all first (perhaps by selecting all then using a filter?) then set the property.

I don’t think the positioning of text objects is determined by the paragraph style, but you can change the default positioning of text objects in Engrave>Engraving Options>Text. This applies to all text objects though, not only ones with a specific paragraph style.

Thank you very much!