Newbie Cubase AI 8

Hello I’m wondering if someone could point me in the right direction?

I’ve been playing guitar for roughly 20 years on and off and I decided it’s time to dip my toe in and see what all this recording is about. I purchased a Steinberg UR22 MKII and its a great piece of kit. My problem is how to use the software that comes with it (Cubase AI 8). I can record to guitars no problem but I find that you need a degree to use the software. I’ve looked on their Youtube Channel but it very limited in what it shows you, and I find its a different version of the software. so how would I go about adding a drum track to my recordings? or some keyboards? I thought I would be able to do this easily within the software.

Any help would be most appreciated or some good tutorials, books or videos!!

Publius Enigma

Hi there,
I have been using cubase for 15 years or so and still find it frustrating. But if I can help in my own words. . . .
if you want to record a ‘sound’ you will do so as you have with your guitar or any other electronic instrument as an audio track. This can be electric guitar/bass/drum machine and is fairly simple and multiple tracks can be built up to create the structure of a song.

If you want to record another instrument that is not electric you will do so with the aid of a microphone and play through this. This could be vocals/brass or string instruments/harmonica etc.

The next difficult but rewarding bit is to use ‘import’ and ‘export’. With this you can take samples of drums or sounds from your pc and bring them into your project and edit them.

The most difficult concept but really rewarding is midi. Midi is not a sound but a series of data which cubase translates as to which note it applies, how long the note is held for etc. This data can then be played back through a variety of virtual instruments which can be drums/keyboards/synths etc. For this you will need a small midi keyboard and it is well worth the effort to learn this process and use it.

My advice would be don’t rush but experiment with each action. I have just got my AI with the new 22 interface and I’m just trying to set up a template which I will use for writing and recording. This will include a midi track for my drums which I will edit later and 3 audio tracks for base rhythm and lead guitars and I will use this as a ‘dummy’ for getting the speed/length/feel for the song before seeing if I will go further with the project.
Also bear in mind that many new users often find it hard to set up the system so a sound actually records and can be heard so if you have come this far you have done ok.
Watch all the tutorials and follow them in detail and with each one you will learn a little more!!
I’m now off to ask some questions of my own so good luck and if anyone want to update/contradict my efforts then I am more than happy!
good luck :wink:

checkout groove3 or, they have good tutorials. On youtube there are also good vid’s available.
You can watch video’s tutorials of older versions of Cubase, the workflow and setup isn’t change much.

Try to keep it first at a basic level to understand routing, setup before going further.

hi, thank for both of your reply’s. The software is so frustrating!!! I will do what you have advised!!

Thanks again

Publius Enigma

Hey check out groove 3 they are giving one free month away (through avid I think)