Newbie - Dorico Elements - trying note variation without saving as new project?

New to Dorico Elements 5.
Made a first super simple piano sheet for me.

My question:
I like to try out variations of the notes in e.g. bar 7 and let Dorico play those back.
So far I do the following to achieve this:

  1. Saving the project in its current state as Piano01.dorico.
  2. Changing some notes and play them back.
  3. If I don’t like the result, I am closing the current altered project and loading back the Piano01.dorico
  4. and so on.

This is quite time consuming. Is there a better way to do this?

As I am not able to find a feature to create temporary variations, I now used another idea.
I duplicated player one, copied the notes to the new player two and found out, that I can disable player one in playback.
So now I can make the variations in player two and still have the notes of player one in their initial state.

Welcome to the forum @Klimper !

Temporarily duplicating either the player, or the flow (which copies the music) are probably the simplest ways to achieve what you want here. Dorico doesn’t have a feature where you can try different versions of the same bar in-situ.

You can just play back one player at a time without having to mute channels in the mixer etc by selecting multiple notes/items on the staves that you want to hear played back.

Thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately my copy solution does not work - maybe you can help here as well.

I have the two piano players and see them in the playback tab. For some reason I get audio only from piano 1 but not from piano 2.
E.g. if I mute piano 1 there is no sound in playback.
So something must be wrong in my configuration, but I can’t find out what it is.

See the Halion Interface - you have only one Piano instrument loaded (Channel 1) and nothing in Channel 2. Your Piano2 is routed to Channel 2 - hence silence!

…which can be remedied by applying the HALion Playback Template from the Play menu.

Seems so I don’t get the relation of “channel” in Dorico and channel in Halion.
I tried the below but that still does not work.

You are not using the same instance of HALion in your Pno 2 assignment.

Just apply the Playback Template from the Play menu and Dorico will take care of this for you.

First, thanks for trying to help.
But I am lost with “not the same instance …”. Where would I have to look for this assignment?

And unfortunately the Playback Template looks like this:

Nothing I can choose there.

That is not typical. Did you load all the installation files for your version of Dorico?

What version are you using, and what computer operating system and version?

Halion Sonic Selection Content was missing. I installed it and have the templates now. But the issue was not a wrong template, I think, but that in the second Halion Piano I had Main Out selected instead of Out2. Now with Out2 it is working. Obviously I don’t understand how to interpred the routing / mixing from Dorico to Halion and back. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.