Newbie ( Halionsonic kit editing?)

Hi still calling myself a newbie. Started around 8 mths ago when I didn’t even know what a DAW was so appreciate patience.
Ok I’m a writer really. I’m using mostly included kits and pre-sets with addition of a few plugin VSTs.
My query is regarding editing the installed GM drum kits in Halionsonic. For the most part I can get away with loading a particular kit for my songs, but I’d like to be able to add just a few different sounds to the unassigned keys in the kits.
IE; I would like to be able to grab a sound from one GM kit and add it to an unassigned midi key in a different GM kit. You know for a tech challenged average member of public starting out wouldn’t it be nice to be able to right click a sound in one kit or project, hit copy then open up another kit/project and paste it directly to an unassigned key within the project.
I know there will be a more involved way of doing it via drum map creation etc but it’s not instantly obvious how to do that and load every single different sound individually to build up a kit. I’d just like to add a few sounds to existing kits by borrowing a couple from other kits and pasting them in, then re-name the " new kit as whatever and it’s automatically added to the media bay list.
I know I could add another drum track to the project and plug in one sound where-ever it’s needed as well but I like the idea of being able to open up the kits in Halionsonic and mix and matching. Is that do-able in some way I haven’t learnt yet? Is building an entire drum kit sound by sound in groove agent or something the only way?
Thanks for the patience.

Groove Agent should let you build your own kits by dragging the sounds from Media Bay to the pads in Groove Agent. HALion Sonic SE doesn’t allow this level of editing but if you are interested, HALion Sonic or HALion allow more editing capabilities.

Thanks JL.
I figured Halion would be more editable. I did see a vid re it’s synth editing functions I liked it so it might be time to upgrade (so many “necessities” and so little time and money!).
Thanks again.

Kits can be edited and saved, however, existing kits cannot be altered, but must be saved as a new kit.
Have you read the “Groove_Agent_SE.pdf” guide that comes with Cubase?

Sorry but I haven’t even been using Groove agent at this point. Just seen some vids of guys importing sounds to create kits. I really am a total Noob. After reading this I had a look and a little play. There’s some good stuff, don’t get me wrong particularly for electronic music but I still prefer the Halion GM stereo kit for the album I’m working on (guitar based). Be nice to be able to edit that kit a bit is all.