Newbie - having trouble recording right AND left channel

I just purchased Cubase 7.5 Elements and have set up my Windows 8.1 PC with a Yamaha Audiogram 6 USB interface. I have downloaded and installed the most up-to-date drivers. Using both VST setups of Mono or Stereo, I can only get audio recordings on the left channel. I have toggled the buttons on the interface between Stereo and Mono - I have toggled the input settings on the tracks in my project between stereo and mono. I still only get recording on the left channel. At some point, i’d like to hear something in my right ear!

Clearly I’m missing something that’s probably rather basic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Generally if you’re recording a single channel source (you don’t mention what you’re trying to record!) you’ll want to record this to a mono track, which will route to your stereo output buss. If the Pan on the mono track is in centred, it should be heard in both speakers. If this isn’t the case then you need to provide more details.

Thank you for responding. I’m recording an acoustic guitar. It’s plugged into the Input 2 on the Yamaha interface (mic/instrument toggle set to instrument). I’m recording it on a default Acoustic Guitar track, with Input set to Mono ln2 and Output set to Stereo. The Pan is set to the middle ©. After recording, I can hear the track in my left headphone, and when I pan to the right, it goes silent - no sound from the right. I’ve tried different headphones with the same result.

I think your recording track is a stereo track (even though it can have the input set to a mono in, it will record on only one channel of the stereo pair).
In this case your ‘Pan’ control isn’t actually a Pan but rather a ‘Balance’ control - hence the effect you’re getting.
Look at your events in the project window do you see a waveform only on one side of a pair?
You can’t change the track from stereo to mono so you’d have to create a new mono track for recording in future.
You can also, in your present case, change the Pan control to a Stereo Combined Panner (see pg. 186 of the manual) and set for summing of the channels.

Sorry it’s taken so long to respond to your reply.

I have a single line in my events pane, which tells me I am on a mono track. I have recorded other tracks where there are two lines in the event.

For what it’s worth, I’ve attached a screen grab if that helps.
SABrent stereo-mono question capture 1.PNG

Yes the tracks are indeed Mono ( o instead of oo like the stereo Basstrack) so that’s good.
Are we still referring to the Acoustic track or is the Vocals 2 track the same problem?
Perhaps show a pic of your VST outputs window (fully unfolded)

Here’s my VST outputs.
VST Outputs.PNG

You don’t have Control room activated right? What version of Cubase are you using - it doesn’t look like the full version?
I’m not familiar with your particular interface, but what happens if you remove (delete) the Mono out?

Well, gee. I thought I purchased Cubase 7.5 from the Steinberg website. My “About” screen says I have Cubase Elements 7 (7.07, build 2277).