Newbie Help Request for VST Connect Pro

Hi All,
I purchased VST Connect Pro back in early September. But I am just getting around to setting it up to work with my Nuendo 6.5.35 DAW.

VST Connect opened just fine as a stand alone app. But when I attempted to open it as a plug in inside of N6.5, I got an error message saying it didn’t have a valid license. So I did a maintenance update on my e-soft dongle. But it still didn’t list the VST Connect Pro. So I went to My Steinberg to register it, but all it did was re-register N6.5 license.

Can anybody talk me through, step by step, the process I need to get VST Connect to talk to N6.5?


Never mind, I figured it out. I got the license registered and the plug-in loaded into N6.5. I’m sure I’ll be back almost immediately for the next step (LOL)!


I purchased VST Absolut collection and already have cubase 7 and wavelab 7, as well as an mp3 license for windows 7 on my pc. I can’t authorize my soft-elicenser to accept my license given at my email.

The soft-elicenser accuse that my hard drive cannot store this new license and asks for a usb dongle elicenser… I live in Brazil, and have never seen any one of these to sell on my region.

There’s a way to store this license on my pc?



Good to hear. If you have trouble with the next steps, please let us know.



here’s the forum section for “VST Connect”, but I think I can help you. You’ve purchased the “VST Absolut Collection” and you’ve received a licence for that. This licence can not be registered, right? Can you tell me the licence? I’ll check out what’s wrong with it. Please don’t write the licence here, send me private message.