Newbie help required

Hey everyone

Before I start let me say that I have checked out the forums and watched the tutorials but still need some help.

I recently purchased Artist 8 and just cannot get any signals coming through.

Am running on a windows OS PC which has previously had previous versions of cubase on it and worked ok.

I recently purchased a Focusrite18I8 and decided to get Artist to go with it.

I have installed all drivers from Focusrite and they show up in Device setup fine, have mapped inputs and outputs in VST connections but nothing seems to come through.

I am plugging a mic into input one on the Focusrite with phantom power on but no signal seems to come through, when i import mp3 onto a track I cant hear that either. Although the meter does move to suggest it is playing it.

Like I say, i had a good dig around to find help and apologise if im not giving enough info but I just want to start recording!

Thanks in advance.


Check the focusrite mixer if all faders are up.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Checked appropriate faders were up and they are, still nothing though.

Hi H,

Sorry to hear that you’re having some problems using your 18i8. To confirm, does it appear to work correctly with other applications besides Cubase?

What operating system does your computer use (e.g. Windows 10)?

Which version of Scarlett Mix Control do you have installed?

Please feel free to contact Focusrite Technical Support directly here:

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

Hi there

Do you have the on control room enabled by accident, I had similar confusion a few years back with this, although I do use the control room now, it’s brilliant. There’s a tab for it in VST connections

Best Regards


Thanks for the help everyone, I’m away from my PC for a couple of days but will have a stab when I get back.