Newbie help with Cubase Elements 10.5

Apologies if the following has been covered in depth previously.

Having used the trial version of Cubase Elements 10.5 I decided to go ahead and purchase it.

To save any conflicts I uninstalled the trial so as to start over again to eliminate any potential conflicts.

What has surprised me is the amount of software and VSTs to install and exactly how to install them.

Using the Download assistant I can see where to download the correct version from.

Under that is Dorico - is that necessary to install?

Then Groove agent drumkits: Should I download them to any particular folder?

Then there’s Nuendo 10, 8 and 2 Live - do I need all three?

Sounds and loops - as with Groove agent.

Do I need Spectra Layers?

The biggest issue surrounds the VST plugins: How do I go about installing them? It seems long-winded to download each separately then install. Also once installed can I delete the downloaded files?

Finally, is Wavelab necessary?

I’m think of uninstalling again and starting once more with any help/assistance offered through these forums.

Thanks in advance for any help and apologies for the long post as music creation using Cubase and VSTs is new to me.

Hi and welcome,

It wasn’t necessary to uninstall your Cubase. The “Full” version is exactly the same as the Trial version. It depends just on the license.

Download and install just Cubase 10.5 Elements (Full Installer). In Download Assistant (almost) all Steinberg applications are present. With the Full installer, you will get all components, which are part of Cubase Elements.

Thank you, Martin,

I appreciate the quick response.

I did remove my current installation then, having found the installation guide, I have read and followed that… So far, so good.

What I am still not clear about is should I Download all the VSTs (Absolute 4 VST Collection, HALion Symphonic Orchestra, Hammered Dulcimer, etc) With any respective files showing in their respective list?


Don’t download any other content VSTs. These are other products, not part of Cubase.

All content, which is part of Cubase is packed in the Cubase Full Installer. This is the only one package you need to install.

Thanks again, Martin.

I simply made the assumption that everything in the Download Manager should be installed including the VST Instruments and Plug-ins as I never found anything stating to the contrary.


No, unfortunately Download Manager shows all Steinberg applications instead of the licensed by the user content only.