Newbie here

Hello I purchased the cc121 and the mr 816. I was told that the cc121 is plug and play seemless integration. However I can’t get it to do anything. I have a Mac running os 10.6 can anyone tell me if this thing really works or not and how to get it working?

It is plug and play integration, but only if you set it up right the first time :wink:
Depends on your definition of plug and play I guess.

Anyway, I don’t recall the exact procedure, but I would think the cc121 came with a manual that explains the installation procedure? You’ll want to download the latest driver versions from here instead of the ones from the disc though, Steinberg added a lot of functionality to the cc121 with those.

grats on your posting rights :wink:

My CC121 has been working flawlessly with my Mac Pro since I first purchased it a few years ago, so yes it does work. As well as Strophoid’s suggestions, make sure the firmware is up to date as well and use the correct driver etc.