Newbie Here

I am an old analog dude with modest computer skill trying to come up to speed with the digital world. Can anyone point me in the direction of some site to help me learn to crawl-walk-run digitally. Just purchased the Akai EIE with Cubase 5le. Still trying to sort out lisencing issues so I can run the software (have sent in a support request). Assuming I get that worked out, I hope to be up and running enough to lay down bass and keys, then drums, then vocals. (All live tracking with 4 inputs at the EIE). Any advice, tips or tricks will be appreciated. Thanks

Maybe a good way to start is to trawl through YouTube. There are loads of videos there about Cubase, some by Steinberg themselves, some by normal musicians. There’s no substitute for reading the manual on some of the setup issues you’ll face (sorting out inputs and outputs is usually hard for novices to sort out).
It’s pretty intuitive though, and most of the millions of options you can mess about with won’t be relevant to you at first, so don’t be put off!
Good luck and enjoy making music