newbie: how to use Superior Drummer 2.0 into cubase 7


I installed Superior Drummer 2.0 and have been using it on my Reaper DAW. But for Cubase 7, i put the Superior Drummer dll. into the program files86x - Steinberg - vst plugins folder. then i restarted cubase 7, but i still dont see the Superior drummer when i click add instrument track. How do i make it run in cubase 7??? thanks in advance!

Toontrack installs 64 bit VST plugins into the Program Files\Common Files\VST2 folder. This isn’t some free VST, you shouldn’t be moving the dlls around like that. Reinstall Superior Drummer and instead point Cubase to the right folder using the plugin manager.

Sorry, i might have been Google searching under the wrong sites by accident then. I buy all my software, nothing free with these softwares for me. So do i have to install all the SD 2.0 Discs again?? Then how do i get to the Plugin Manager on cubase?? all i see when i go to the Devices tab is Plug-in Information.

In Cubase 7 there was a menu inside Plug-in Information that allowed you to add folders to be scanned for VST2 instruments and effects. If you’re using 64 bit Cubase, check if there’s a dll inside the Toontrack folder in the folder I mentioned above. If it’s there you shouldn’t have to reinstall anything, just add Program Files\Common Files\VST2 to the list of folders to be scanned. I think Cubase was supposed to scan that folder out of the box though, I don’t remember if I had to add it manually.