Newbie + Hypnotic Dance = Completely Lost

Howdie -

Never even opened up Halion before. Running Cubase 5.5. Thought I’d get into Halion, so I got Hypnotic Dance … except, my system disk is getting pretty full, so I installed it on another disk. Now:

  1. I’m not entirely sure I’ve properly told Cubase/Halion where to look for the new content - in attempt to cover all the options I added the directory to the Directories in Device>Plug-In Information and Checked off the directory under Define Locations in Media Bay.

  2. If Halion is seeing it, I’m not … cuz I sure don’t see anything that has “Hypnotic Dance” associated with it … or am I missing somethign; maybe it’s asking just way too much to hope I would see the product name show up somewhere?

  3. If someone can help me establish whether Halion is seeing it - I would welcome any suggestions on how to get started with it … silly me - I thought there would be some minimal documentation of some kind - a list of patch names - something …

hi peteyman

Are you refering to Halion One, which comes with Cubase 5

Hypnotic Dance is not compatable with this. see
You need Halion 4 or Halion Sonic