Newbie in Dorico

Figuring out to start with Dorico turns to be out a timeconsuming and frustating affair. (poor video explanations)
Is Dorico userunfriendly to start with ?
Insert: note input mode ? …Shift N : note input mode ?

I’m sorry you’re having problems getting started with Dorico. Have you watched the Write mode tutorials? 20-30 minutes invested in those videos should pay back many times over.

Is it not possible to give the users more help in Dorico itself for the note input /edit mode (basic note input: duration and pitch)

If you skipped over the guided tour in Write mode, try choosing Help > Guided Tour to read it again.

If you’re familiar with any other scoring software, Dorico’s note input method is not a million miles away from Sibelius’s method, or Finale’s Simple Entry tool, with a few key differences. Basically, select the rest or other position where you want to start inputting, hit Return or Shift+N to show the caret (you can also double-click the place you want the caret to appear), then use the number keys along the top row of the keyboard to change duration (6 = quarter or crotchet, 5 = eighth or quaver, 7 = half or minim, and so on), and the letter keys A to G on the keyboard to input a pitch. To input a dotted note, hit the full stop or period key after you hit the number key for the duration and before you type A to G. For an accidental, use 0 for natural, - (minus, immediately to the right of 0) for flat, and = (equals, immediately to the right of minus) for sharp. Alternatively, if you have a MIDI keyboard, you can use a MIDI keyboard to specify pitch and accidental in one go.

Yes, it is whole picture: editing notes/selecting notes …insert mode…how this all works in Dorico what makes it difficult together with the note input…how all works together.
Input notes duration and pitch with the keyboard keys c,d… is no problem , but when the note pitch goes a step,chromatic or in octaves that is vital information and dotted or with accendentials or with a tie
This base note handling is what someone need to know right away.
I did not use finale or Sibelius ever before… i am total new to using a score editor

I agree that a detailed tutorial that takes you through this kind of thing is sorely needed, and we will be working on that as part of our broader work to improve the documentation in the near future.

In the meantime, if there is something specific that you don’t know how to do, please feel free to ask here and I or somebody else from the community will be pleased to help you.

Simply put: Dorico is great and VERY user-friendly. Just give it some time. If you feel frustrated for a while, which is NOT Dorico’s fault, be patient and DO watch all the YouTube Dorico videos. You will not regret it.

I’ve been using Finale for 25 years and also Sibelius for tens of years professionally. Not anymore. Dorico is MUCH better than those two ones.

That’s nice that you find it a fantastic score editor program Dorico and good to know for me, because working with obsolete software is no fun.
Getting to know how Dorico works with the help seems to me somehow userunfriendly…not Dorico itself…i am total new to a score editor.
I am now battling with the barhandling…let me look to the Youtube Dorico videos.