Newbie Issues

Hi All.

After using an older full version of cubase many years ago with an interface without issues.

I’ve been trying out cubase elements with a new interface i’m using (M Audio-M-Track Quad)

I’ve been trying to record accordion/vocals, and acoustic guitar using the acoustic and vocals template.

I’ve not been having much luck though. With my microphones i’m getting a really bad echo clip effect on anything i record no matter how low
i turn the gains down.

For the acoustic, i can’t plug it directly in using an intrument cable. Even with the mic unplugged it seems to be using my monitor headphones as a microphone instead?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, seemed to have tied myself up in knots with this!

  1. The Monitor Mix knob on the front of the M-Audio, turn it to DIRECT instead of the MIX side

  2. You should be able to TURN OFF the MONITOR button on the Track in Cubase as well so you are MONITORING using the M-Audio Direct mix function.

  3. In the Studio\StudioSetup Select the M-Audio driver on the left side then hit Control panel to open up the buffer and lower it as well