Newbie Key Editor question.

Hello, when I open the key editor and create a midi CC lane, how do I create a smooth ramp instead of abrupt up and down points? I’m trying to gradually build volume in a doublebass track. I added an expression lane using the key editor and it does control the loudness of the instrument, but I can’t figure out how to create smooth ramps between my points instead of just the abrupt ups and downs. Thanks.


Have you tried using a volume automation lane in stead of a midi CC lane? This should enable you to draw a straight line to ramp up or down, in stead of the jumps per midi note.

I hope this helps

Is it looking like a “staircase”, or like a ramp that isn’t very smooth? If the former (e.g. one “step” every 16th note), then it is simply that you have Snap activated :wink:.

Thank you so much! :smiley: This is what I was wanting to do, but I was trying to do it in the key editor window. I’ve been pulling hair out trying to figure out how to accomplish this, lol. I’m completely new to Cubase. Are there any books/videos/online courses you would recommend for learning Cubase? Thanks again!

Thank you! This is something I wanted to know even though I didn’t even know I wanted to know it until you pointed it out! :laughing:

Try Youtube/ Google… there are plenty of tutorials available. You can even watch tuts for older Cubase (6, 7, etc) versions as there is much that has not changed between versions.

Another option would be something like the tuts from These are premium, but you can get an all access pass for 15$/ month. These series also contain general production tutorials (all about reverb/ delay/ compression/ etc).

…and last but not least, you can also ask here at the forum, but please do first check out the manual/ other posts before asking here :slight_smile:

Wow, that Groove3 site looks great. I subbed! Between that, youtube and these forums I should be good to go. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

It is!

Highly recommended.

Good Luck!