(Newbie) MIDI Part playing on both devices

Hi all,

Sorry for the potentially stupid question but I just can’t get my head around recording midi tracks without the voice/instrument being played by Cubasis itself. In other terms: when I record a part with my Yamaha MX over midi (apparently) I don’t want Cubasis to play it’s own instrument but to control my keyboard instead (where I have setup a performance with multiple voices). Ideally Cubasis shall record the audio from the keyboard when mixing down. Am I doing something wrong, do I just don’t get the point or is Cubasis not capable of this endeavor?

Setup: Cubasis LE on iPad (13.4.1) > Lightening to USB Adapter > Yamaha MX49

Many thanks in advance for your help,


Hi Yam-ha-ha,

Thank you for you rmessage.

Please note that our great friend Dom Sigalas produced to videos about a similar topic, demonstrated with a different Yamaha device:

Easy-peasy MIDI recording -MODX/MONTAGE with CUBASIS

How I SEQUENCE and RECORD my MODX as AUDIO- Yamaha MODX/MONTAGE with Cubasis

Please have a look at the clips, and let me know if you can adapt the tips and workflows to your MX 49!