Newbie Midi Playback issue

Hi All,

Just getting started with Cubase, and I’m a little confused by this:

I’ve got a nice arrangement going with a few VI tracks.

All of the sudden, one of them doesn’t playback. It’s an instantiation of Omnosphere. Thing is, when it’s record-enabled, I can hear the patch I’ve selected when I play on my keyboard controller. The notes are not muted. When I click on the individual notes I’ve programmed, they sound as expected…

When I copy the midi data to a new track it still won’t play. Is it some kind of controller data that I’m not thinking of? The mix console fader for that track is at unity.

I’ve attached a screenshot…

Many thanks!


OS 10.11.4 macpro trashcan with heaps of everything
Cubase elements 8 (demo version) I’ll be getting into the real thing soon. Very refreshing after many years of slutting around with Performer, Digital Performer, Logic etc. Still stuck with pro tools though :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 2.20.19 AM.png

The track is record armed, if you have set Cubase to monitor while record armed it will listen to the midi input and not play back the track.