Newbie (need help getting my Korg Kronos to work with cubase 10


I am totally new to this , I know how to play real pianos but I am a total idiot when it comes to tech stuff , and just starting to learn the basics

At this time mostly want to write music (for now) using pianos acoustic drum kits , basic acoustic instruments, microphones etc ,no heavy editing yet

I cannot understand how to make my Kronos 2 control the “Grand 3” which came with the Cubase, and the drum kits which came with Cubase, my interface is the Apollo MK2 duo and it’s working properly ( at least it seams that way I hear stuff through my monitors and headphones)

Korg is connected via USB ( the printer type USB as sugested) . I have new iMac with 16 gig memory so the computer should’t be a problem

I would like to understand the basic controls when I want to control VST"s and when I want to switch and use sounds from my Kronos and record them via audio (connected at the moment with 2 mono cables using both outputs straight into the Interface

in the Korg I created a “Init Combi” and call it “MIDI VST” and set it to EXT in Global I unchecked the “Local Controll On”

I went to Cubase studio settings and tried to set up the Midi using “learn button” I got it to work 2 days ago( I have no idea how) if you asked me how and what happened at the moment I got it to work I would not be able to duplicate it , than I shut down my computer for the day and cannot get it to work again

Can you pls send me some links or help with "idiot proof " explanation so I can get this to work than I will take my time and learn other stuff slowly is this is a steep learning curve for me.

it is frustrating as I have this set up for a week almost and cannot get the basic stuff going I see and get the concept of editing , quantizing , it seems to all make sense but I cannot even get to that step without getting things to communicate!!!

Thanks for help !!!

Hi and welcome,

I would probably recommend to start here.