Newbie needing some help!

Newbie here!
I am just getting into this arena, trying to do some recording/sampling and not positive how to sets things up. Let me say first of all, I am an electric drummer. I have added a Roland SPD-SX to my kit and that really got me interested in this stuff. I’m not looking for a 2-page (or 200) step-by-step instruction on how to set things up, but let me tell you what I’ve got and you tell me if I need it and its purpose…or something like that. I was looking for some sort of ‘set-up’ diagram with the equipment I want to incorporate, but…I’m still looking.

Roland TDW-20 (drums)(midi?)
Roland SPD-30 (midi?)
Roland SPD-SX (midi?)
Tascam US-122 interface
Laptop (probably waaaay less than recommended)
Cubase Artist 6.5

I want to record my drums, mix samples, create loops, all these terms I have been reading about! LOL

Any assistance would be great! Thanks, GE.