Newbie needs help!!

Not long into cubase elements and I can’t work out how get a sound out of my guitar! :imp:
I’m using a Line 6 GX which is plugged into the computer USB port and then I have my guitar plugged into the GX. Tried setting busses up but can’t seem to get it active!
Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have the Line6 ASIO driver selected in Device setup?
If yes, go ahead and make busses, if they show active or inactive doesn’t matter, they’ll become active when you create an audio track and assign them as inputs.

Just switched to Asio GX, the only other option that came up. Will give it a try! Thanks! :smiley:

What type of track are you supposed to use for live Guitar?

Ok, there’s something showing up when i’m playing but I can’t get any sound! Any ideas? :slight_smile:

You need a mono audio track to record your guitar. If you want to hear what you are playing live, enable the monitor button on the audio track you’re recording to. (it’s the speaker icon that turns orange when on.)
When you want to hear what you have recorded, switch it back off again.


When you have selected the Line 6’s asio driver all sound from Cubase will now come out of the Line 6 device not from the computers speakers.

Make sure you have either headphones or speakers plugged into the line 6!

@Strophoid, I hope that wont need translating :laughing:

If the line6 has any sort of Direct monitoring functionality, then you are right. If not, then the signal will have to be sent back from Cubase to the line6 for monitoring. In either case you need the speakers connected to the audio output on the line6!