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Hi all. Sure hoping to get some help. My husband purchased a Yamaha MOXF8 several months ago. He has it connected to the computer and we can hear his song play correctly in the Cubase Project Window. We have followed instructions from several users (found online) and Export the song to the computer desktop. After going through the export process, we click the file on the desktop, and there’s no sound. I’m not even sure there’s anything there, except the file name. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

did you choose the stereo out to export?

did you selected left and right locators corresponding to the content you want to export?


Do you use MOXF as the Audio Device in Cubase, please?

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Yes to both. He also wants me to add that we can hear the song as it exports. Of course, it is super fast.

Yes he does use the MOXF as the Audio Device in Cubase.

for that is not really a export function, you want to print it in another audio channel, right?

We’re not completely sure what you are asking. He created a mixed the song on the MOXF and he is using Cubase as a means to convert it to mp3. Everything works great until he exports the song to his computer. The file he exported does not play.


Actually I think if MOXF is in use as an Audio Device, you don’t need the Real-time export (or record to the Audio Track first). as far as I know, in this case, it behaves as a virtual instrument (somehow).

Add an Audio Track and record the signal from MOXF to the Audio Track first, please.

The first screen shot is what I just now tried. I created an audio track and recorded a few bars of my song. It just produces these two straight lines. No sound when I play it back.

The second is my recording on a midi track. It plays back just fine. It just doesn’t have any sound on the file where I export it.


Could you attach a screenshot of the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs, please?

Looks like you are on to the root of the problem! :slight_smile: Here is the Input. I’m also going to attach his output.

If you have not done so already, you should probably download and install the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver. You would then select this in Cubase rather than the Generic Low Latency ASIO you are currently using. From what I can gather the MOXF will transfer both MIDI and audio through the USB connection. There might be some other problems to solve, but this is where I would start …

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The USB driver was already downloaded. I thought I’d give it another go. Uninstalled and re-installed on the computer. I confirmed it was installed, per instructions. Restarted computer. Unplugged keyboard… all that. Turn on computer, plug keyboard into computer, turn on keyboard… still shows Generic Low Latency ASIO. Still shows Audio Connection Inputs Not Connected.

Any further ideas?


Change the ASIO driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, please.