Newbie on Cubase -- prefs saving, logical editor tutorial?

Hello there, i am totally new in Cubase (like 2 weeks or like 3)
moving from S1, and i have to say that the transition in the biggest part wasn’t so hard for me as those two DAWS have many similarities… i have already decided to stick with Cubase 12 (PRO) already and leave the other DAW since for my own reasons i am quite non satisfied even though i was using it for years. though i am on some problems with Cubase,

one of the problems i have is that unfortunately i am losing the Control room Settings.
the second is that for some reason i am also losing my keyboard shortctus preferences (yes got used having the draw tool on 3 after so many years)
how can i save this preferences ? it’s really annoying when this is happening and it’s happening really a lot.

Logical Editor Seems Way more than fantastic in functions. could someone suggest me some good tuttorial for how configuring, using it ? thank you very much.

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If you go to the studio setup were you select the audio outputs and mic inputs and go to the control room tab. There you have a preset dropdown and in that you have ‘Save As’ and you can save your control room outputs and it also saves all the plugins in control room. That way you can recall it if you need to.

Control room is not for a specific session so it does not save with your session. If you add a plugin for a specific session on the control room tab and save the session it will not be tied to that session.

I have different control room presets which i save and recall as needed. Having said that i usually find my last control room preset is the one loaded next time i open Cubase.

Hope that helps, sorry if your issue is not covered by what i said. It might be something different your experiencing.

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The key commands get saved automatically without you having to do anything except hitting the OK button of the dialog.
You can make a backup copy of the file where they get saved, though.
On PC open an Explorer, enter the following into the address bar:


Then look for a folder called “Cubase_{something}”. That is your Preferences folder. Personally I make an archive copy of that entire folder at least once a month.
Inside the folder is the file Key Commands.xml.

To elaborate a bit. Your Preferences get saved by Cubase when it closes. So if your session either hangs or crashes when closing your changes to the Preferences might not get saved.

thank you very much sir :slight_smile:

thank you very much <3