Newbie Page Override question

The manual says:
Page template overrides…

Pages with page template overrides no longer automatically inherit changes that are made to the page template. To return overridden pages to following the page template format, you must remove page template overrides.

Thus (question) if I change the size of a music frame, that create s apge override. This, then, means if I make page template changes like width of header, typeface selection, name of composer, etc, these changes will NOT exist on the page with the overrides?

Try it and see what happens!

(Yes. Changes to the template will not be applied.)

I actually have Dorico running on another computer (not generally internet-connected) in an ergonomically awkward place so I am trying to digest the manual while I am on this computer and then carry out experiments as a “batch” on the other computer. I can see why you might be wondering why the heck I just don’t fiddle around more. I assure you I have been doing some experiments on the transcription I am involved with, but I am so inexperienced in Dorico I don’t want to get too deep for fear of undo issues. But you are right, hands-on is definitely the way to go. I do feel obligated to read the manual which, hopefully , will prevent me from asking too many questions going forward :slight_smile:

I’d strongly recommend watching some of the video tutorials, which may answer many of your questions more easily.

You can experiment on a copy of the file, or create a test file to try things out.

I’ve watched most of them up thru engraving. Also did all lessons in “first steps”. Some of the tutorials refer to terms that are also terms that are not defined and I have to go back and look them up. Sometimes it gets a bit circular.