Newbie problem: cleaning up score


I looked up the forum and the manual, but didn’t find a hint:

Problem is: I want to hide »unnecessary« dynamic marks in a condensed score. Unnecessary means: Different players need different dynamic markings according to their situation in their scores, but the conductor doesn´t need every single marking in order to know whats going on.

Please have a look on

Pic 1: dynamics are precisely made for each player

Pic 2: thats the result in the condensed score

Pic 3: I want to achieve a result like this. But I don’t know how to hide quasi redundant dynamic informations (without a workaround with colour, size, …)

Thanks in advance!

Dear Hans-Peter,
The dynamics can be merged only if they are identical. If one hairpin is longer and/or starts with a little musical offset, both hairpins will show.

Thanks! Yes, I know this issue. Its a big feature. :wink: So I hope you understand my problem: I´m just looking for a possibility to hide some stuff in the score without deleting it in the single instrumental scores.

I understand perfectly what you want to do and why… I’m afraid it’s not possible yet, but maybe someday, Dorico will be clever enough to display only one hairpin — although the musical meaning is (a very little bit) different. And that we can hide musical stuff in Engrave mode. Maybe Daniel will chime in to give us some feedback about this kind of case?

What I would do:

Set the zoom level so that the entire score page is visible on the screen. In Engrave mode, Control-click (Command-click) on each dynamic you want to hide so each is selected. Go to the properties panel and set the color to white. Repeat on each score page. I’m guessing “Set Local Properties” should be set to “Locally”.

Thank you! Yes, thats a possibility.
I also thought of working with 2 scores: one which looks awful but gives me fine instrumental parts and a copy of it in which I delete everything redundant.

Both solutions are possible, but none of them is perfect.