Newbie problems with barlines

I am experimenting trying to learn Elements, however I can’t figure out why, when I go to add more bars in a new flow, every single bar it adds has either double barlines or in some flows every bar is separated with a final barline?

If I try to change them to standard barlines I get horrible red flags over the top saying 4/4 (q,1+1+1+1). I can’t find anyone else having this problem so I must be doing something really obviously wrong. The time sig is 4/4 and I have four beats in every bar, no anacrusis.

Is this just my software being glitchy? For example, I thought you could delete unwanted bars in SHIFT+B by entering (e.g) -3, but at the moment no matter what I put, it is only removing one bar at a time.

Sorry to sound stupid but any help gratefully received.

Firstly, welcome to the forum. We’re here to help.

I can’t reproduce this at all. Two things.

  • If you can upload a Project file where these odd barlines show up, it may help seeing what might be wrong.
  • If you can outline the exact steps you’re taking, it will help in trying to isolate the problem.

Another tip: To reset to a normal barline, do not insert a regular barline. Instead, select the barline and press <delete>. Dorico has a concept of implicit objects and explicit objects. An explicit object overrides the default (implicit) object.

How are you adding new bars? Not sure why you’re getting a final bar line but it sounds like somewhere a bar has been overridden with another bar line somehow, or you’re in unmetered time…

Am intrigued - could you share the project, or at least a screen shot?

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