Newbie problems

Since purchasing a Yamaha MOX8 in June 2012, I’ve also got a new Mac and only recently installed Cubase AI 5. After studying MOX8 user and reference manuals, the Cubase AI 5 documentation, and poring through a new support book, Cubase 5 Power!, I have finally succeeded in being able to record and play back audio from my keyboard.

My only hard connection is a USB cable between the keyboard and Mac. I’ve downloaded the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver, the Mac OC Core Audio driver, the ASIO driver for the MOX8, I’ve configured the VST device and connections and set the Midi IN ports to either All or 1, and the Midi OUT port to 1, as suggested by the MOX8 manual. Still, there are a lot of unexpected noises, and I cannot figure out why the recording process is not going smoothly.

Finally, as I like to my hands on the “four corners” early and then focus on improvements in individual areas, I tried exporting an early recording to MP3, but only got an empty MP3 file - no sound at all.

I read real good, but this is all very challenging. I’m wondering if maybe this OEM version isn’t more difficult to set up and use then one of the full-featured versions. Like if I purchased Cubase 7, could I expect a less frustrating experience in set up and getting recording basics working smoothly?

Frustration aside, the MOX8 plays like something from heaven, and my primary interest in recording audio is simply to be able to share MP3s of my efforts with friends and relatives, and or archival purposes. At this point bells and whistles would be lost on me, but simplicity of operations and easy-to-comprehend instructional documents are at the top of my needs list.

Thanks in advance for any useful comments that anyone can throw my way. Meanwhile, I wish everyone on this forum today a Happy Thanksgiving!

Make sure the locators are not reversed and that they span the range you want to export. Also, when you play the song, does the actual sound come from the MOX8? It sounds like you are using a MIDI track to have Cubase play back through the MOX8. If so, is there any connection to get the audio signal from the MOX8 back into Cubase for recording?

Hmmmm. Those pesky locators? Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try that.

I know something is mis-configured between the keyboard and the midi connections. Hitting certain keys opens a series of windows in Cubase, for instance. And the when I click the record button or the space bar doing so plays one of the highest notes on the keyboard.

I found this reply on :

Being able to remotely open windows of your DAW from the MOX…This is normally a feature. :slight_smile:

If they are popping up when you don’t want them to, this is a very clear indication that your PORT 2 commands are getting crossed onto PORT 1.
Normally PORT 1 is used for your music performance: Note-ons, Controllers, Tempo, etc.
PORT 2 is supposed to isolated for REMOTE CONTROL SURFACE commands for the supported DAW software, Cubase, Sonar, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, and Logic.

If you improperly configure your MIDI PORTs you may find Notes that open screens and even buttons that play notes…

Check you MIDI PORT setup, and make sure on PORT 1 is set as “IN ALL MIDI INPUTS”
And that only PORT 2 is selected as the REMOTE DEVICE

If you need specific steps please indicate what type of computer and operating system you are using. Thanks.

What you have described is pretty much exactly what seems to be happening. I need to keep reading and studying the documentation on set up and midi connections. My weakness is that I’m not a sound engineer and this experience is my first introduction to the world of midi, and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do before I can fully comprehend the conceptual framework of the application.

Meanwhile, I’ve found that my Yamaha MOX8 is NOT on the list of devices which may be installed, and it may be because I haven’t upgraded my AI5 OEM software to version 5.1.1. Unfortunately, the installation attempt failed, so I’m not sure if that is really important or not. And I notice that most people on the forum pages are users of either Cubase 6 or 7, not 5. I have to wonder if I’m just asking for frustration using a bundled OEM version Cubase. Are there many satisfied users of Cubase AI5? Or does that either turn them off completely or inspire them to purchase a full-feature version of the program? So many questions, so little time…

AI5 should be fine for awhile, port and bus set ups probably won’t be any different.
I have a MOX 6. You should download the latest Asio driver, VST Editer and Remote Tools from the Yamaha site for your OS. These will help with port setup.
Here is the guide for Win 7 but you probably have a mac OS and may find better guide on Motifator.

Thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t given up. I know I’ll stumble into a working configuration eventually.

Honestly, though, I always enjoy pushing the envelope in using any software applications, but doing so without a local users group will just be more difficult. This site and Motifator will be helpful resources but I’m wondering how many people in my Sacramento region use this software. Meetup does not have anything for music software and recording, but I’ve always found that local support groups are both useful and fun social opportunities. MIght be an opportunity to gather locals involved in using Cubase. Being able to share information in a group/social setting is very helpful, especially when the software has as many arcane features as Cubase.