Newbie Q: How to set up Sound?

Forgot even my very limited knowledge of Dorico, starting again.
I have tons of VSTs in Cubase 12 but at the moment I would be happy to get any sound out of Dorico4.3 apart from the “Dorico Beep” or the HAlion sound that sounds like a stoned Jamacian Steel Band played backwards, coming from Halion Sonic.
At the moment all I am trying to do is playback a lead sheet on piano, either with using my own pianos, or with Halion Orchestra’s piano. Something basic is fine.

I also have the title of the piece chopped off at the bottom -not sure why.

Not even sure how to start this.

Help appreciated thanks


How about attaching a sample Dorico file so we can make an intelligent suggestion?

From your description it seems to me that you are missing the HALion sound files.
What if you go to Play mode and choose from the menu Play > Playback Template and reapply the playback template?
Also please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the corresponding zip file. Thanks

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I don’t know what file your asking for. I am just saying playback of my Dorico file is a weird sound like
steel drums. Where od you select the sound that plays back for a part?

If you choose that menu item Help > Create Diagnosstics Report a zip file called will get created on you desktop. That file please attach to a reply here. Thanks

Thank you Ulf, I tried this, no luck so far. It does seem to me I am missing libraries. I havev owned Halion Orchestra since day 1. Here is what I see

Dorico (2.4 MB)

BTW I just reinstalled Dorico

Looks like the sound files are there but maybe have the wrong permissions rights. I’ve attached here a zip file. Please unzip it and then do a double click on the contained batch file. That will create a file called on you Desktop. Please also post that here. Thanks.
Btw, it is already late here and I’m on my way to bed, but will come back in the morning… (817 Bytes)

I have managed to get a result. I am a long time Cubase user but Dorico’s interface is throwing me at the moment. The language goals and interface are different. I discovered that for some weird reason Dorico was using Halion 4 which I have on my system, some weird synth sound. I changed this now to one of my pianos. I also tried Halion orchestra and got a trombone sounding. Switched back to an Aerturia piano. My goto piano which is TruePianos, seems missing from the VST list at the moment. It’s probably solveable. \I have to go now. Will pick this issue up tomorrow.

thank you both for yor help