Newbie question 2!

Hi all,
How do you set up a page so that it shows a specified number of bars per staff? Currently it’s showing 9 bars (in write view) which is very off putting. 8 bars desired.

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For your information, it’s here in the manual, nearby to other relevant pages about formatting parts and scores.

Thank you Lillie, these are my first few hours with Dorico, though I do use other apps

If you’d like a tutorial-style introduction to Dorico, you might like our First Steps guide – available here. It goes step-by-step through setting up, inputting, formatting etc a short piano piece.

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Forget them! Many users have exhibited frustration when they discover that Dorico appears to do things very differently. Please, please spend the next few hours working through the First Steps guide!

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That’s what I am doing :slight_smile:

In addition to working through the First Steps, be sure to make use of the online manual through the Help menu. Searching for specific help topics can be a bit difficult because you have to know the vocabulary. The people working on the manual have done a great job of considering all the various possible terms a person might think of for specific musical things however they can’t think of every possible term so be flexible in the search – if you don’t get results the first time try to rethink the search term you’re using.
When you do find results be sure to not only read the text that you are presented with but also follow the links at the bottom of that screen because they often take you to more complete information.
And be sure to ask here on this forum about things you can’t find – Lillie has an incredible knowledge of the manual (she writes it!) and is very willing to provide us with specific links to places in the online manual where our questions are answered.