newbie question about exporting wav

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Mixdown as WAV, send to AudioShare, access them in Files app, upload to Google Drive, Drop Box, Email…

There are so many ways to share the exported files with other apps or send to desktop DAW

Upcoming iPadOS is going to make it even easier using Files app, external storage, etc

Hi thanhtammongha,

Thanks for your message.

These are the steps…

  1. Go to “MEDIA” and choose “Mixdown”
  2. Tap the “Create Mixdown” list entry
  3. Select “WAV” in the “Mixdown” pop-up and make your settings (e.g. Mixdown between locators, Create separate files for track…) and tap “Start Mixdown”

To quickly find and share your files:

  1. Open Apple’s “Files” app
  2. Tap “on My iPad” and choose “Cubasis”
  3. Open “Mixdown” folder and tap “Select”
  4. Select the files to be exported
  5. Tap the “Share” button and make your settings (e.g. Air Drop etc.)…

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,